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Early Winchester Model 1875 Reloading Tool in Scarce 38-40 Caliber

This is a Model 1875 Reloading Tool for the Winchester Model 1873 Rifle. It's the second oldest and a rather uncommon tool compared to later production Winchester reloaders. Like all Winchester reloading tools produced during their early years, the tool is made of cast steel with spoon handles and painted gold. They were produced from approximately 1875 up to around 1882 when Winchester introduced an improved tool called the Model 1882. What makes this one unusual is that it's in caliber .38 WCF or 38-40. While I've read books and magazine articles for years stating that the 38-40 was introduced in the Model 1873 in the year 1879...there weren't any significant shipments of 1873's in this caliber until 1881. That said, there were probably no more than a few hundred Model 1875 tools produced in 38-40 in that 1881-82 window just prior to the introduction of the Model 1882 tool. This is quite similar to the extra large Model 1875 tools in caliber 50-95 Express which came out in 1879 for the Model 1876 and were quickly replaced by the Model 1880 tools which handled Winchester's larger calibers. This one is in Very Good condition and still retains 25% of its original gold paint. Top of the handle has the original October 20, 1874 patent date. The patent was not stamped but part of the casting for the handle. The right side of the upper handle is stamped "38 - W.C.F." This would make a great addition to any serious Winchester reloading tool collection or a nice accessory to a 2nd Model Winchester 1873 in 38-40.

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