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Winchester 1875 Model Reloader for 1873 Repeating Rifle

This is an early 2nd type reloading tool aka the Model 1875.  Caliber is 44 WCF (44-40) which is marked on the side of the tool.  Top of handle has the October 1874 Patent dates. These early tools were made of cast iron and painted gold.  Also note the spoon handles and the optional pick (adjustable) for removing Berdan primers.  These were some of the very first reloading tools for center-fire cartridges.  It made the Winchester repeating rifle more practical on Frontier.  Just think, finding a store to buy a new box of shells could have been hundreds of miles away.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good with 50% original gold paint externally and about 80% internally.  These are tough to find especially ones with this much of their original paint intact.  A great accessory to go with a Winchester 1873 1st or 2nd Model rifle.

Item# 1150




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