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Winchester Model 1875 Reloading Tool in RARE CALIBER

This is the first example we've ever encountered of the Model 1875 reloading tool in the unusual caliber of 45-60. 45-60 is not a rare caliber by any means but it is seldom seen in the earliest cast iron & painted gold variety of Winchester reloading tools. It simply hadn't been out very long when these early tools were discontinued.

The Model 1875 tool was introduced in the mid-1870's as an improvement over the Model 1874 tool which are extremely rare. The Model 1875 was a much stronger tool and did away with the stationary decapper pin. This improved tool was produced from 1875 until 1880 when a more refined tool hit the market. The initial caliber offering for the 1875 reloader was simply .44 Winchester Center Fire but by 1876 with the introduction of the Model 1876 rifle, 45-75 was also available. In mid-1879, Winchester began producing Model 1875's in "45-60" to go with the new chambering for the Model 1876. When the 1880 tool was patented in Sept. 1880, the 1875 was soon discontinued. This left a window of just over a year where Model 1875 tools were made for the 45-60.

Overall Condition is Good+ to Very Good as uncleaned and untouched. There is approximately 20-25% original gold paint remaining overall. The side of the upper handle is marked "45 60 W" while the top has the original October 20, 1874 patent date crudely cast into the body atop the hinge. This particular tool has the scalloped cut-out and pick for removing Berdan-primed shell-casings. The little screw-in pick as well as the decapper pin are missing. This is a monster of a tool that is nearly double the size of the smaller version in 44-40. This would make a great addition to a Winchester reloading tools collection or go well with a Model 1876 rifle or carbine in 45-60.

Item# 1560




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