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Winchester 1876 Deluxe Rifle -Refurbished by Rogers Restoration-

This is an early Model 1876 Deluxe Rifle in caliber 45-60. Special order features include: early straight grip checkered stocks, deluxe burl grain walnut, case-hardened receiver, and a set trigger. Serial number is in the 9,900 range. Comes with a factory letter verifying these features except for the grade of walnut...which on early deluxe guns came standard with the checkering option and therefore was often left out of the factory records. Original sights include the early style ladder rear sight, standard front w/ german silver blade, and a rare long-range Lyman peep tang sight with the early type thick base.

This rifle was completely refurbished by Rogers Restoration in California several years ago. Rogers specializes in Winchesters and has a reputation for being one of the best restoration shops in the country...some say "THE BEST". Many of our customers out on the west coast and collectors I've met at shows over the years have spoken very highly of their work and it is my understanding that there is usually AT LEAST a two to three year wait to have a rifle rebuilt by them. Given the incredible workmanship, proper selection of finishes, and careful attention to detail, it's not hard to see why this shop stays so busy. Just look at the photos and take note of the colors and tone of the case colors on the receiver, forend cap, and buttplate. Even the little details that restorations often miss such as applying fire blue on the loading port and extractor and polishing the face of the muzzle bright have been exactly duplicated the way Winchester did in the 19th century. They even blued the checkered thumbprint dust cover which is correct and demonstrates they not only know about restoration...but more importantly...WHAT they're restoring. You can really tell someone dumped their soul and a great deal of time into rebuilding this Winchester. That said, after years of hearing about them, we were finally able to get one of these in our hands to see for ourselves.

Overall, NRA Antique Excellent Plus Condition with 98% restored blue on the barrel and magazine tube. Frame, hammer, lever, buttplate, and forend cap have 99% of the best case colors we've ever seen on a modern restoration. The select grade walnut on this rifle is not restored but NEW and built exactly to the original specs. The checkering is fantastic. The stock work alone probably cost several thousand dollars. Bore is mint. Action is in nice working order and the single set trigger is also fully functional. An excellent restoration of a classic large frame Winchester deluxe rifle.

Note: This is one of the nicest restorations I've seen that will get a collector as aesthetically close to an original high-end deluxe rifle without the $30-60,000 price tag! Our consigner has stated he has other priorities in his life right now and for us to price this Winchester as realistically as possible. Let me tell you guys...we turn away a lot of consignments because an item has problems or the owner's pricing is unrealistic. It's not often someone sends us a great gun and is willing to sacrifice because he wants to be reasonable. To do this high of a level of restoration (probably around $5,000-6,000)...which takes two to three years plus the expense of an original 1876 Deluxe Rifle in good condition...another $8,000-$12,000...is going to run thousands more to duplicate what we have right here! This is a great gun...restored by one of THE BEST in the BUSINESS for thousands less and No Wait!

Item# 9400




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