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Circa 1890's CDV Photo of Man w/ Winchester 1885 Hiwall Rifle

Scarce photo of a young sportsman or hunter posing with his Model 1885 Hiwall Single Shot rifle.   The 1885 was designed by John Browning in 1879...one of his very first designs.   Winchester Repeating Arms bought the patents and manufacturing rights a few years later and named it their Model 1885.  The 1885 was the first of a long line of designs Browning would sell to Winchester in the coming years.   If you look closely, you can see there is mid-long range vernier tang sight mounted on the upper tang.   The man is wearing what appears to be a canvas woven Mills cartridge that's fully loaded with shells.  From the looks of those cartridges, he means business as they're he's letting us know this is no wimpy 32-20 target rifle he's holding...but probably something a little more like a 50 Express.   I guess the plaid jacket, plaid vest w/chained pocket watch and spiffy derby were the fashion of the day back in the 1880's and 1890's.   Overall condition is good with some light foxing around the border.   Card dimensions 4" x 6".  Image 3" x 4.5".  Image is a little faded towards the bottom and was shot slightly taken sharp up top but slightly out of focus down around his feet.  A nice original 19th century image depicting a rare scene with a Winchester Hiwall rifle.

Item# 1032




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