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Winchester Model 1890 Rifle -Antique w/ Case Colored Receiver & Tang Sight-

This is an early Winchester Model 1890 pump action .22 rifle. Early 2nd Model configuration which means it has the handy takedown feature. Early pre-1898 antique serial number is in the 32,000 range which dates its production to the year 1895. Standard octagon barrel in caliber .22 short, and crescent rifle buttplate. This rifle also has the early style case colored receiver which is highly sought after. I just wish it had more case colors. For about a five year period, every new Winchester rifle or shotgun introduced from approximately 1885-1890 came standard with a beautiful color case hardened finish. This included the Winchester Models 1885, 1886, 1887, and the 1890, which was the last model to come standard with this finish. All four models were strong sellers and were designed and patented by a young man named John Browning of Ogden, Utah. This rifle has John Browning's patent date on the upper tang as well as the takedown improvement which was patented in 1892 (I believe). The octagon barrel is the original one it left the factory with...which means it has the early two- line Winchester address on the top flat and no post-1900 proof marks or mail order replacement symbols. This is by far the No. 1 part that got replaced on early 1890's as people wore these tiny .22" bores out with repeated firing and corrosive black powder ammunition. This one has survived intact.

The original owner of this rifle opted for Lyman Tang and Front sights which have been on the gun since new (see photos of all the vivid case colors and 100+ years of dirt and dried grease we found underneath this sight). Most likely, these items would have been dealer installed or possibly ordered directly by mail from the Winchester catalog. Instead of using the early non-adjustable block style sight, a filler blank (also available from Winchester) was installed in the rear sight dovetail slot to clear the barrel for the tang sight. Sometimes, if the owner planned to use both the tang sight and the rear sight, he'd install a two-leaf Lyman No. 6 in this spot as the leaves could be folded down flat against the barrel when not in use. Each one of these sights including the barrel filler blank were offered by Winchester as factory special order (rare), by authorized Winchester dealers (common), and in the Winchester catalog.

Overall, NRA Antique Very Good+ Condition. Receiver shows 35-40% remnants of case colors that have faded to a nickel-silver coloration with balance mixed with a smooth gray patina. 65% original blue on top of the breech bolt. There are some bright flashes of colors around the base of the trigger guard and areas around the hammer and brilliant colors under the Lyman tang sight. Barrel is a mixture of age darkened blue and brown patina. VG+ walnut wood with 80% original varnish on the stock and forearm. Good mechanics. Bore has no rings or bulges. Rifling is present with a few pits...but Fair+ to Good overall.

Item# 1366




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