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Winchester 1892 Rifle --Attic Condition--

This Model 1892 has been put away for decades from the looks of it. It has a great look to it with a desirable antique pre-1898 serial number in the 55,000 range. Made in 1894. It's a standard sporting rifle in caliber 38-40 with an octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate. Early style markings are Excellent and include the standard early 2-line Winchester barrel address and upper tang marks noting model, maker, and patent dates. Original sights include the standard semi-buckhorn rear sight which still has its original elevator and has never had its ears trimmed down. The front sight has its original base; however, the original German silver blade has been replaced with an old piece of mother of pearl...looks like it's been there forever.  Aside from the sight blade, this gun is completely original including the screws.

The Model 1892 was one of John Browning's most successful lever action designs with Winchester producing over one million units over almost fifty years. While I'm a huge fan of the Model 1873, the 1892 was clearly intended to be this older design's successor. It was stronger, lighter, and more compact...and truly saw worldwide use. The design was so successful that it even inspired a number of copies with several still being built today.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine+ with 70% original blue on the receiver. Loading port shows 50% fire blue. The profiles of the hammer and lever show 50% original case colors mixing with patina. 85% original blue on bolt and extractor. Barrel and magazine tube retain 75% original blue with some patina spotting into the finish. The wood is in Fine condition with some attractive tight layers of growth rings along both sides of the stock showing quite a bit of original finish mixing with a dark patina. There is lots of old dried grease/dirt/etc. built up between the wood and metal. No chips, cracks, or repairs. The mechanics are Excellent with a Very Good bore. Just a nice untouched example of an early antique Winchester Model 1892 that's never been monkeyed with, attractive wood, and still has lots of original blue and case colors.

Item# 1361




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