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Winchester 1892 Rifle in 38-40

Winchester 1892 Standard Sporting Rifle. Caliber .38 WCF a.k.a. 38-40. 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, crescent rifle buttplate. Standard original sights...semi-buckhorn rear/blade front. Early antique serial number in the 39,000 range. Comes with factory letter which verifies caliber and configuration. Shipped on Sept. 10, 1895. Early markings include two-line barrel address on top flat of octagon. Upper tang has correct early three lines indicating make, model, and John Browning original 1884 patent date. Hammer has the desirable decorative border with the "V" or dip at top which is only found on early production Model 92's. You typically see these up into the 40-50,000 serial ranges before the square plain border hammer dominates production. See photo.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique the lower range of Very Good with metal turned mostly to a gray patina with faded original blue in protected areas and traces across the receiver. Top of lever shows hints of original case colors. Loading port shows traces of fire blue in the corners. Very Good markings. Good screws Overall. Very Good original walnut stocks show 50% thinning original varnish. Good wood to metal fit. Action is smooth. Hammer works on full and half cock positions. Bore grades Fair+ to Good with no rings or bulges. Decent rifling with some scattered pits typical of a black powder era rifle from the 19th century. Very decent example of an early 1892 Rifle.

Item# 1729




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