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Winchester Model 1892 Rifle in 44 WCF

This is a very nice untouched Model 1892 Winchester Rifle in the desirable 44-40 caliber that's all original down to the smallest screw.   It's a Standard sporting rifle with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, crescent buttplate, standard factory sights, and special order sling eyes.   Early Antique Pre-1898 serial number is in the 59,000 range.   Mfd in 1896.   All correct early markings with the early style 2-line barrel address, model and patent dates on the upper tang.   See photos.   We contacted the BBHC museum in Cody, WY and this is what they were able to tell us about this rifle from the Winchester Factory ledgers:

Win. 1892, SN 59761
Date in: 9-16-1896
Type: Rifle
Caliber: 44
Barrel: Octagon
Trigger: Plain
Date shipped: 1-7-1897
Order: 1953

There is no mention of the sling eyes which is not surprising as most Winchester collectors will tell you that it's a cold day in hell when this feature shows up in the factory records.   The eyelets were a unique feature that allowed the owner to quickly attach or remove the Winchester leather sling which was secured by a pair of swivels with rotating hooks.   The rifle could be either slung over the shoulder on a long hunt or the owner could remove the sling by unhooking it from the eyelets in mere seconds if it was getting in the way.   A very practical and versatile feature.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine with 50% thinning original blue on the frame with some handling wear.   Loading port and extractor show 25% bright fire blue.   Hammer still show some bright case colors...about 60% overall ranging from light to strong.   Lever has 5-10% case colors...mainly in protected areas.   Very Good screws throughout.   Barrel and magazine tube have 75% original discernable blue that's aged blue...with balance turning to a smooth patina.   Wood is in Very Good Plus to Fine condition with 75-80% original varnish on the stock and 50% remaining on the front half of the fore-end.   The back half of the fore-end and wrist area of the stock have lost their varnish over the years due to routine handling and carry wear.   No cracks, chips, or repairs and very nice wood-to-metal fit.   Mechanically, the action is perfect and the bore is Excellent.   With the octagon barrel and 44 caliber, this rifle has what many Winchester collectors are looking for.   Best of all, it has a low antique serial number.   A very desirable configuration that seldom shows up on the market.

Item# 1252




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