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Rare Winchester Model 1893 Shotgun

This is one gun that Winchester DID NOT  want you to own!  The 1893 pump action shotgun was a great gun and it was Winchester's very first pump action shotgun design.  Unfortunately, it was caught in between two different technological eras...the end of the black powder age and the beginning of the new smokeless powder era.  Since it was designed to be used with 12-gauge shells loaded with black powder ONLY, it must have really worried Winchester by the late 1890's/early 20th century as identical smokeless 12 gauge shells began to take over the market.  Fearing injuries and lawsuits from smokeless shells being used in a black powder gun, Winchester began one of the earliest product recalls probably in American history by placing ads in various publications.  By this point, Winchester had made over 30,000 Model 93's.  The ads encouraged owners of the Winchester Model 1893's to send their guns back to Winchester in exchange for a brand new Model 1897 pump shotgun which had been re-designed for smokeless powder.  Winchester destroyed every Model 1893 that was returned and that is probably what happened to most of them.  Still, a few survive today and as long as the owners used them with black powder, were probably safe for many years of use.  However, this is not an endorsement by us that this 100+ year old gun is safe to fire. 

This particular example came from a family in Upstate New York.  The dealer we got it from relayed to us that it had been owned by this one family since it new and claimed it hadn't been used in over 50 years.  Serial number is in the 19,000 range and was made in the year 1896. Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good with 35% light and faded original receiver blue.  Hammer shows some good case colors on the back.  Barrel has 20% darkened original blue with the balance a smooth grey/brown patina with no pitting.  Magazine tube still has 50% darkened original blue.   Its a standard gun with 30" barrel, early style rounded knob pistol grip stock and early forend secured by 3 screws.  It has the early style decorative hammer knurling with checkered border with the dip in the top...typically found on antique  73's, some 92's, 93's, 94's, and 97's made during the 1890's.  Early style 2 line Winchester barrel address, with model 1893 marking, and Nov 1890 and Dec. 1892 patent dates.  The forearm linkage is also marked "WINCHESTER MODEL 1893".  Standard bead front sight.  Buttplate is smooth steel with the pointed top toe typical of early Winchesters.  Bore is good overall, still fairly bright with no rings or bulges, and some scattered pits...typical of black powder usage.  The wood is in Very Good condition and has never been cleaned or sanded.  Nice wood to metal fit.  The stock, buttplate, and frame have all matching assemly numbers.  All in all, just a good honest example of a rare 1893 shotgun that is 100% original.

Item# 0540




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