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Winchester 1894 SRC in 38-55

A great Model 1894 saddle ring carbine in caliber 38-55 with a really nice low serial number in the 14,000 range.   I hate to use this word "cool" but it fits!   This is one of the "coolest" Model Winchester 1894 SRC's that we've seen in a long time.   It looks like it just stepped right out of the American West.  The wood has that nice light and "grainy" walnut like it's lived out in the dry western air for most of its life.   As a Winchester collector, this is everything one could ever hope to find in a true saddle gun.  It has a perfect blend of condition with character (not abuse), a good low antique serial number, and the most desirable caliber, "38-55".   I've always wanted to find a nice antique 1894 SRC in 38-55 like the one cowboy "Nat Love" is holding in that famous photograph of him shown in so many books.   That said, just listing this on the website is painful as I'd very much like to keep it.

It has all the early original features that Winchester collectors look for in an early Model 1894.   For starters, the walnut stocks are the early type of walnut that tend to show a lot of grain.   Also, you'll notice on one of these early carbines that the comb of the stock will have sharper, more sculpted contour.   As the guns get later, the combs get less defined and more rounded.   It also has the early two-line Winchester address on the top of the barrel, "38-55" caliber marking located in between the frame and rear sight.   Original rear sight has the 2-9 graduations without the "1873" marking...which is correct for an early 1894 carbine.   Front sight even has its original low-profile German silver blade...which is correct for a gun chambered in a black powder cartridge like 38-55 or 32-40....an 1894 SRC in smokeless 30 WCF always seems to be a bit higher.   Hammer has the early knurled dipped border and the upper tang is marked with the earliest style 3-line approach that reads:

MODEL 1894
PAT. AUG. 21 1894

Overall, NRA Antique Fine Condition with receiver showing approximately 30-35% thinning original blue.   Bolt has 80% blue.   Barrel and magazine tube have 60% thinning original blue.   Hammer retains 50% case colors.  Lever shows 20% light case colors with the balance faded out to a silvery nickel appearance.  Loading port 20% original fire blue along the edges.   Barrel bands show 30% original blue.  Excellent markings throughout.   Very Good screws overall...slots are caked with many decades of dirt and dried grease...and several appearing to be unturned.  The wood has never been cleaned or sanded..and exhibits a nice patina with excellent wood-to-metal fit.   Note how the grain in the stock becomes more defined towards the buttplate...where it was sticking up out of a leather scabbard which left it more exposed.   Nice working action.   The bore is still bright with very good land and grooves.   VG overall with no ring or bulges.   If you've been looking for a good antique 1894 SRC in 38-55 that was once someone's working gun out west, you'll love this one!

Item# 2002




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