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Winchester Model 1894 Special Order 20" Short Rifle

Here is a pretty unique little gun!  This is an early Model 1894 short rifle with special order 20" full octagon barrel. Caliber is .30 WCF with full magazine, crescent buttplate, and 2 leaf platinum-lined smokeless Express sights.  We called the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, WY which houses the original Winchester Factory records and it letters perfectly. 

  • Win. 1894, SN 51621
  • Date in:  11-19-1898
  • Type:  Rifle
  • Caliber:  30
  • Barrel:  20 inch, Octagon
  • Trigger:  Plain
  • Date shipped:  11-21-1898
  • Order #:  12115

It's been a long time since we've run across one of these with an antique number.  Of the few you do see, this one is in nice shape for a short rifle as most are typically found in quite rough condition.  Best of all, this one is 100% original down to the smallest screw.  Nice original markings include the two line barrel address, 3 line upper tang markings which include the Winchester patent date, and the early style decorative dipped border checkered knurling on the hammer.

NRA Antique Very Good Plus Condition.  The receiver is mostly a light brown patina that is mixed with 10-15% original blue that's strong in protected areas.  The barrel and magazine tube blue vs. patina percentages are somewhat the inverse of what you see on the frame with 75-80% original blue with the balance patina that's mixing through the blue.  The loading port still shows a strong 50% original fire blue.  Hammer and lever have turned mostly brown with traces of case colors in protected areas. Overall, the screws are Excellent.  Sharp markings.  Original sights include the standard German silver blade front sight and the 2 leaf platinum line rear express sight.  This sight was standard on all early 19th century smokeless powder rifles.  The hundred yard leaf is chipped which is pretty common. The wood is in Fine condition that's a nice dark reddish brown with considerable amounts of original varnish present.  Perfect wood to metal fit with the wood standing slightly proud of the metal just like it did when it left the factory.  Winchester followed this practice on the wood for all their guns in order to compensate for potential shrinkage when their product was shipped out of Connecticut to a potentially more arid climate out West.  This rifle's wood has never been shrunk...been cleaned, or sanded.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Good+ bore that has strong rifling but needs to be cleaned.  A nice solid example of an early short rifle.

Item# 0658




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