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Winchester Model 1894 SRC

This is a strong example of an early Winchester 1894 saddle ring carbine in caliber .30 WCF that's right out of the attic and in untouched condition. According to The Winchester Book by Madis, it was manufactured in the year 1896. It's 100% all original. Many of the screws appear unturned since this SRC left the factory. Standard 20" barrel, full magazine, carbine-style buttplate, and saddle ring. The original rear sight is the 2-leaf Express sight. Both 100- and 200- yard platinum lined leaves are intact. The 2-leaf Express sight was standard on carbines in the smokeless powder calibers by the late 1890's. Front sight is the early style German silver blade. It also has the early case colored buttplate.

Winchesters saw plenty of hard use during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, especially carbines which were often used as utility guns, so it's not often we find early examples in nice shape. This one has lots of original blue and case colors on the lever. The walnut stocks are also in nice shape with the exception of a darkened place in the wood near the buttplate. It appears to have been lightly scorched on the surface...perhaps when a hunter set it too close to a hot stove one winter long ago.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine+ with 80% original blue on the receiver that's mixed with brown patina. Loading port on the right side retains 75% bright original tempered fire blue. Lever has 35% original case colors with the balance turned to a smooth brown patina. Hammer has the early style decorative dipped border in the checkering pattern with 60% original case colors that are muted. Barrel and magazine tube have 75-80% original blue with the balance toning to a brown patina. All early markings include the 2-line Winchester barrel address, early nickel steel markings, and 3-line upper tang with John Browning's Aug. 21, 1894 patent date. The wood is early style walnut...with the exception of the aforementioned darkened spot near the buttplate, the wood is in nearly excellent condition with great wood-to-metal fit. No cracks or repairs. Both stock and forearm are still wearing most of their original Winchester oil-finish. The action is perfect and appears to have never been taken apart. Bore was absolutely filthy when we got this carbine...it hadn't been touched in decades. We alternated running brushes and patches and to our surprise, it cleaned right up to Fine condition with strong lands and grooves that are still fairly bright. With a bit more cleaning, I think there is a good chance this will grade upwards even further to Fine+/Excellent. A nice little early production 1894 SRC for the money.

Item# 1322




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