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Early Winchester 1895 Flatside Rifle

This is a fantastic example of an early Model 1895 Flatside Rifle in Caliber 30/40 Government (Krag).  This is the Best we've ever offered!  You will only find the 1895 Flatsides in only 3 calibers, the black powder cartridges 38-72 and 40-72, and then there was the new kid on the block; the smokeless 30/40 Krag.  The former 2 calibers came standard with a 26" round or octagon barrel while the 30-40 came with a sleek 28" round tapered barrel with ramp front sight like this gun.

Only the first 5000 1895's had the early Flatside frame with the one piece lever (a very difficult component to manufacture) after which Winchester introduced the scalloped frame 1895 and more economical 2-piece lever.  Only about 19,000 Model 1895's qualify as Pre-1898 antiques...but did you know that about 10,000 of those were muskets ordered by the U.S. Goverment.  Thus a scalloped frame sporting rifle with an antique serial number is just about as rare as the Flatside. This particular gun is one of the later Flatsides with a serial number in the 4800 range. This one is 2nd year production made in 1896. This is a completely standard rifle and it somehow, as if almost by miracle, escaped the Winchester factory without one of those ugly Lyman Receiver sights.  These side-mounted Lymans seem to almost curse every nice Flatside in 30/40 Krag we come across these days....and if you don't see one...then there's usually a couple of holes on the left side where one used to live!  Thankfully, this gun never had one and you can enjoy all of the clean lines these graceful early frames. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 85% original receiver blue with some streaks from the Winchester forging process (quite common on early antique Model 1892's, 1894's, and 1895's)  as well as some light scratch marks.  The bolt has 90% original blue while the hammer and pivoting trigger plate still show most of their original fading case colors.  Trigger plate has the original patent dates.  The barrel still shows 97% original blue with the 2 line Winchester barrel address.  Top of barrel is marked "30 U.S." (30-40 Krag).  Standard front ramp sight with original German silver blade.  Rear sight is a standard semi-buckhorn that has had its ears trimmed down slightly...still shows 90% original bright blue.   The wood is in Fine+++ to Exc. condition still showing its original orangish red hues. Overall, the wood is quite nice and shows mostly just  light handling marks.  There is a scratch on the left side of the stock near the wrist...from the pics, one might wonder if its a crack...we can assure you its NOT...its just a scratch.  In fact, there are no chips, cracks, or repairs to the wood anywhere.  Both the stock and forewood have 90%+  original varnish.  Schnabel forend still has its original black ebony insert.  Nice action and Fine+ Bore with strong rifling, no rings or bulges, and very strong rifling.  Just a very solid example of an early Model 1895 Flatside in a great Caliber.

Original Winchester-marked Canvas Case (fits this 1895 Perfectly!) $225 

(Item 0340 ---see it in our Loading Tools and Accessories Section)

Item# 0387




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