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Original UMC .44 Rimfire Cartridge Box for Winchester 1866 and Henry Rifles

This is a complete original box for fifty caliber .44 Rimfire Flat Cartridges as used in the famous Henry Rifle and Model 1866 Winchester.   We travel all over the country looking for anything pertaining to the Model 1866 or Henry rifle.   Original period items for early Winchesters are scarce and this is the only .44 cartridge box we've come across in almost five years.   With cartridges worth between 20-35 dollars each, it's little wonder why most full boxes on the market have 4-digit price tags...and a special few are worth over $10K.   OUCH!!!!  Here is a chance to pick up a good box for a fraction of the price and who knows...you may already some laying around or strike a deal on a few .44 rimfire shells to display or even fill it up.   The top has a the medium green label with Union Metallic Cartridge Co. of Bridgeport, CT.  There is an illustration of the .44 rimfire cartridge with the notation "44 HENRY FLAT MODEL 1866".   Top of the label is marked ".50 .44 CAL., HENRY RIM-FIRE CARTRIDGES".   Side reads "Expressly manufactured for Model 1866 Rifles and Revolvers.   Are sure fire and accurate. THE U.M.C. Co."

Condition Good+ to Very Good.   Both the lid and base portions of the box are intact.   The lid has a couple minor splits at the corners of the cardboard...and one minor tear inside the inner liner of the base along the lip (not visible unless top is removed).   The top and bottom label are complete.   The side label on these boxes served not only as the label but the seam that kept the box and its contents sealed.   That said, when the box is open, the seal was torn.   Fortunately, it appears that all of the side labels have survived-- albeit a bit tattered at the ends.   From the photos, it may appear as though a portion of the end label is missing...but it's actually folded over the lip and up inside the lid.   See photo of interior.   All in all, a good solid box that would make a great addition to an old Model 1866 rifle or saddle ring carbine.

Item# 1259




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