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Winchester 3 Piece Set of Cleaning Rods for 1866 Carbine

This is an original set of Winchester cleaning rods for the Model 1866 and 1873 saddle ring carbine. While the rods were the same for both the 1866 and 1873, we believe this set once belonged to a Model 1866 carbine as there are indentions on the face of the brass tip that appear to have come from the dual firing pins of a .44 rimfire bolt face. There is also a larger indention from a center-fire firing pin as well. This somewhat fits the profile of the 1866 as well because as .44 rimfire became obsolete, many were converted to center fire around the turn of the of the 20th century. See photos. The rods are in good condition with a heavy brown patina but they are between 135-145 years old so by no means new.

Item# 1306




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