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Winchester 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine w/ Leather Scabbard

This is a good old Winchester 1873 saddle gun that comes with its original leather scabbard. These Winchester carbines were used hard by their owners as an all-purpose utility gun. Designed to be carried on horseback, they were especially popular with cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, and just about anyone who needed the firepower of a repeating rifle without the size or weight of a standard rifle. The caliber on this one is 44-40 which is the most common on '73 carbines. Standard 20" round barrel, full magazine, saddle ring,and semi-crescent buttplate with sliding brass trap door. Serial number is in the 271,000 range and was built in 1888. All the markings and knurlings are 100% there, original, and correct. Hammer has the proper rectangular border around the checkering. Original sights include post front and original ladder rear sight with correct 200-900 yard graduations and "1873" stamp across the top. It has a good barrel address with 1860 and 1866 patent dates. Barrel is stamped "44 W.C.F." on top between the rear sight and receiver. Upper tang has the Model 1873 stamp bracketed by two fleurs-de-lis. Brass loading block is stamped "44 CAL." in script which is nice and clear.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Good+ with the metal having worn to a mostly smooth silver appearance with original blue in protected areas. There are a few light pinprick pits here and there from being kept in a scabbard but smooth overall. The original walnut wood is in Good Plus condition and appears to have spent many years in a dry Western climate as it's light and grainy. It appears to have been cleaned a long time ago. Wood to metal fit is decent but a bit undersized around the tangs. The left side of the forearm had a thin sliver of wood missing off the top edge which we repaired (the right way) using an old piece of 19th century walnut cut from an original Winchester forend that was already broken. It looks great and is nearly invisible. See photos. The wood on this carbine is solid and well above average for most 19th century saddle ring carbines we find today. Action is in Very Good shape. Bore is Very Good+ which is also surprisingly good for a carbine with no rings or bulges. Leather scabbard is worn but you can still see a bit of decorative tooling along the borders. The shape of this Model 1873 carbine is imprinted in the leather. This would make a great display over the fire place! A real piece of history from the American West!

Item# 1347




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