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Winchester 1890 Rifle

This is a standard early production Winchester Model 1890 Rifle with 24" octagon barrel in caliber .22 short. This is one of Winchester's all-time great rifles which took on several forms throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries. Originally designed by John Browning, who sent Winchester drawings of the design, this model confounded the engineers at Winchester who informed the inventor that the rifle would not work. Browning sent Winchester a working prototype with a note in response to the effect, "You said it wouldn't work but it shoots pretty fair to me." And the rest is history! This one is a pre-1898 antique serial number is in the 50,000 range which dates its production to the year 1897. Early features include case color hardened receiver, early style two line Winchester barrel address, and fixed block style rear sight. Frame is the early style 2nd Model with the takedown feature and non-exposed locking bolts. Tang is marked:

       --MODEL 1890--
PAT. JUNE 25-88 DEC 6-92

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good. The case colors on the frame have mostly silvered out. The barrel and mag tube retain about 25% faded original blue with the balance worn to gray. Bolt still shows about 70% original blue. Nice markings throughout. The wood is in Good+ Condition with very little in the way of dings or scratches...and appears to have been lightly cleaned at some point. The stock looks to be just a hair under the edges of the tangs...maybe the width of 2-3 sheets of paper...although I think the photos exaggerate this a bit more than in person. Good working action. Bore has no rings or bulges, rifling is all there, but has some scattered pits. I would rate it Fair+ with a good possibility it may clean to Good with some scrubbing. All in all, a very decent example of a case colored Model 1890.

Item# 1608




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