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Early Winchester Model 1890 Rifle

This is a scarce early 2nd Model 1890 Pump Action Rifle with case colored action and takedown frame.  As you can see from the photos, its in simply just phenomenol condition and one of the best we've ever seen!  This little rifle is a fresh find and comes straight from a family!  It has never been in a collection or seen a Gun show.  Early Pre-1898 Antique Serial number is in the 27,000 range and was built in 1894.  Its also in Caliber .22 WRF which was sort of the Grandfather to our modern-day .22 Magnum. The .22 WRF is a somewhat scarcer chambering for an early Model 1890 as most of the ones we've seen over the years have tended to be in Calibers .22 Short or .22 Long.  

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus condition with 90% original case colors remaining on the frame showing vibrant greens, turquiose, and tobacco hues.  These are the usual array of colors we find on 100+ year old guns as a few of the more fragile hues tend to fade out form use and sunlight and were gone long before many of us were ever born.  This gun however hasn't faded much and there are still augmentations of greenish yellows that burn into salmons that flash or pop into rich merlots and electric blues to vivid aqua shades. The frame still has most of its original lacquer over the colors with a couple of spots on the left side from closet  rust.  Overall, there is some slight hazing of patina in the original lacquer that protects the case colors. Bolt shows 95% bright blue.  Barrel and magazine tube still have a strong 95% original blue with slight hazing.  This gun has seen very little use and even most of the screws still show most of their original blue.  Perfect markings with original early style 2 line Winchester Barrel address with the correct broken "O" in the word "CONN"  commonly seen on these early 90's due to a faulty roll die.  Upper tang has its proper 3 line markings which include the Model 1890 and mfr designations followed by its 1888 and 1892 patent dates. Original sights include the earliest non-adjustable block style rear sight and blade front sight.  The wood retains nearly all of its original varnish and as a result has not darkened and still remains a nice attractive shade of orange.  There are a few dings and a couple of light scratches in the stock from careless handling but its solid as the day it was made with no chips, cracks, or repairs of any kind.  Perfect wood to metal fit. In fact, there is hardly any dirt down in the corn rows of the forend.  Stock appears never to have been removed from the gun. Nice mechanics.  Takedown still works nicely.  Bore is Excellent....still bright and shiny with strong rifling right out to the muzzle. No pitting, no rings, no bulges, or rough spots. An exceptional antique Model 1890 rifle that is rarely seen in today in this condition for sale.

Item# 0591




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