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Winchester Model 1892 Bore Reflector

Here is an Winchester rifle accessory that is tough to find and a very effective tool. These Model 1892 Winchester Bore Reflectors or Bore Mirrors were sold out of the Winchester catalog as an accessory item to their lever action rifles and carbines. Simply put, it placed in the action of Winchester lever action rifles to allow a user to inspect the bore. Unlike today, this piece of 1890's era technology did not require batteries, had zero moving parts, and works as well, really better, than any modern bore light for its intended designs. In fact, whereas a bore light shows the bore from the muzzle end, the simple slanted mirror of the Winchester bore reflector allows a viewer to inspect the bore from both the muzzle and chamber ends. Given this advantage, I know collectors and dealers who still carry these 100+ year old tools with them when they go to shows in the pockets or on a chain around their necks. It will save you from buying a Winchester with a bad bore time and time again! This reflector is in very good condition with a very strong mirror that has 98% of its silver intact. Brass body is straight with no bends. Nice markings. Wood back section is in nice shape with cutout to fit over the bolt extractor of a lever action rifle. Correct for any Winchester lever action from the toggle link actioned Models 1866, '73, and '76 up to the Model 1895 rifle.

Item# 1693




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