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Winchester 1873 factory Engraved "Atlanta Police" Rifle

This is a standard Model 1873 rifle in 44-40 with 2 special order features shipped in 1890.    One is the left sideplate is Engraved "Atlanta Police 82".  The other feature are the factory installed sling swivels.  Serial number is in the 331,000 range.  It comes with a 1980 dated Factory Letter verifying this information.  Otherwise, it has a standard 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate.

Over the years, we've seen a number of these Atlanta Police marked Winchesters from numbers 1 on up to around 100 or slightly more.  From what I've heard, the Atlanta Police markings are the only factory special ordered features that show up in the Winchester records with designations to a specific branch of law enforcement.  They are also one of the very few 1873s shipped to this region in 44-40...the vast majority being chambered in either .32 WCF or .38 WCF.  Having lived in or near Atlanta for almost 20 years, I've also seen several Colt revolvers with this same Atlanta Police designation across the backstraps of Model 1878's, 1877 Lightnings, and even a Colt Old Line Cop and Thug Revolver on display at the Atlanta History Center.  All I can say is that the Atlanta Police marked Winchesters seemed to have survived in better condition than most of their Colt Revolvers.   

Overall condition grades easily to NRA Antique Fine+ to Excellent condition.  Frame retains 75% original blue with fading case colors on the hammer and lever slightly mottled with colors mostly faded to a nickelly silver.  Barrel and magazine tube have 80% original blue.  Original sights include standard front sight with German silver blade and original semi-buckhorn rear sight that has a slight bend at the aperture.  Very good screws throughout. Excellent markings.  Very Good+ wood with nice wood to metal fit.  Nice action with a Excellent mirror bright bore.  A scarce and desirable 1873 with an iron-clad 19th century law-enforcement provenance!

Item# 8227




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