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WW1 82nd Division Marked Painted Helmet

This is a good painted 82nd Division-marked helmet from the First World War.  The front is painted "82nd DIV" over the famed "AA" symbol in red, white, and blue, which stands for the "All American" Division.  The 82nd was formed as part of the US Army in August 1917 at Camp Gordon, Georgia.  Unlike most divisions formed in WW1 where men came mostly from a particular region, the 82nd was comprised of men from all 48 states...hence the nickname "All American".  Perhaps the most famous American to serve in WW1 was a Sergeant in the 82nd named Alvin York.  The soldier who wore this particular helmet also painted his specific unit below the 82nd symbol; what looks to be "321 ?.A"...I guessing 321st Artillery.  The "AA" symbol is braced by both American and French flags.  The top and sides of the helmet are adorned with paintings of green leaves and branches...tasteful and don't stand out.  The outer rim of the pot is painted "A.E.F." along with the names of battles the unit fought which include "ST MIHIEL, MAREBACH, TOUL???, and the last battle of the war, "MEUSE ARGONNE".

Condition-wise it grades at Fair but could be improved rather easily to Good/VG.  The original paint is a bit worn but in good condition.  Note: the thin metal trim ring that runs around the brim of the pot has been removed. Otherwise, solid with no rust or pitting. Original liner is present but loose and only the upper portions of the leather chinstrap remain.

Item# 1053




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